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The London Turkish Film Festival (LTFF) was inaugurated by Vedide Kaymak in 1993, and since then it has been a vital event in the London cultural scene. Vedide has been involved in a variety of arts and cultural activities in London – promoting Turkish culture, programming for MTV’s Turkish channel, and co-producing short film productions. Her project has been facilitated by the energetic support of the Rio Cinema in Dalston and by the encouragement of its general manager, Charles Rubinstein. The supportive role of Film London has also been a crucial factor in the development of the Festival. Now in its 17th year, the festival has grown from a small three-day event to a full-scale two week Festival.

Over the last decade, Turkish filmmakers, not only in Turkey, but also those living in the rest of the world, have found new creative directions, making critically acclaimed films, and winning awards all over the world. The LTFF has always had an inclusive approach towards programming. Thus, it has provided a platform in the UK for a new generation of film-makers of Turkish origin who live and work in Western Europe. The Festival has also featured programmes of short films, giving an opportunity for the work of young feature and documentary film-makers to be widely seen.

Over the years, the LTFF has screened nearly 300 feature and 350 short and documentary films. The festival has also invited nearly 250 guests, including directors, producers, actors, and short film-makers. Panels and discussions have also featured as another key activity of the festival, and have The 17th LTFF promises to be an exciting and groundbreaking event, opening up the new trans-cultural Turkish cinema to new audiences in venues across London.

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